Shane "Waterfront" Wilson

Shane "Waterfront" Wilson
has specialized in selling waterfront properties for over 25 years. He realized early on that there was a niche to be filled, by someone who knows both Southwest Florida and the Florida Keys Real Estate Markets.

Shane knows these markets like the back of his hand and has lived the waterfront lifestyle his entire life. Born and raised in the Florida Keys, Shane has spent all of his life navigating the waters, boating, fishing, and diving, from Southwest Florida to the Florida Keys.

Shane has been amazed to meet so many people who have real estate interests in both Southwest Florida and the Florida Keys: families and/or individuals buying 2nd homes, moving to retire, for business, downsizing, or upsizing! 

This works out great for those folks looking to buy and sell in these areas. They can count on a Knowledgeable, Experienced, 3rd Generation Real Estate Broker who they know and trust to help with their property purchase or selling transition.

Check out Shane "Waterfront" Wilson's Southwest Florida and Florida Keys websites, you'll enjoy them!